Flesh Fiction

23/07/2015 06:00
Flesh Fiction   Bartholomew made a stab at what appeared to be a large fat sausage on his plate. Moving aside what looked like a couple of large potatoes, he made another stab at the apparent sausage, `It`d be difficult for the woman to sexually reproduce human brains without her penis.`...

The Farthering Of Boy Sons

11/05/2013 13:28
  The Farthering Of Boy Sons   English is a world language made famous by the King James Bible (1604-11) which, translated from Greek, Hebrew and Latin, promulgated the `Word of God` and the teachings of Jesus in Christianity to large swathes of the globe`s populations during the period...

Well, it was like this doc ...

03/01/2013 14:04
Well, it was like this doc...   It woke me sometime in the early hours, but that was a part of the unusual thing; what went on went on for a long time, so it was kind of outside of time, as if I were somehow transported to someplace else that wasn't where I'd left off living that night, at...

Everything True

06/10/2012 07:16
Everything true for you, Everything good and straight for you, Everything good for you.   - Haiku

What mummy?

27/06/2012 05:39
Mummy, what an enormous throbbingly glorious erection, or are you just pleased to see me?  

Why mummy?

27/06/2012 05:36
Q. `If man and woman are a species mummy, why do men portray us as beautiful without a penis and ugly with it?` A. `Betrayal.`      


20/06/2012 18:47
Gold, chocolate, diamonds and ice cream. Ice cream, diamonds, chocolate and gold. Gold and diamonds for the way that she lux, Chocolate and ice cream for the way that she fux.       Diamonds, chocolate, gold and ice cream. Ice cream, gold, chocolate and...

I Don`t Care Who You Are

01/06/2012 06:09
I`m a blonde woman and my hair is blue. I sit on a throne of blue diamond as you, My penis is as hard as the diamond for you, and I don`t care who we are, we`re you.    

Little Red Riding and Robin - Hoods

21/02/2012 06:14
Little Red Riding and Robin - Hoods   Carrying her wicker basket along the forest's winding path to grandma's house, Little Red Riding Hood (so called because of the cape she always wore, clasped at ther throat by a golden brooch, made by mountain elves and cast in the shape of a dragon with...

Galactic Guardian: Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man

21/02/2012 06:11
Galactic Guardian: Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man    As MAP crossed the Square of the Dancing Cell, close to the building where he was completing his junior internship as a medico, he happened to glance up at one of the cameras. In the early days of the 'watchers-in-the-streets...
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